Tango Couple Please Note!
We are back at Roost Studios and Art Gallery
69 Main Street in New Paltz


Argentine Tango Open Classes

Chi of Tango

Learning, teaching, and questioning through the years, we developed a system of understanding and teaching Argentine tango. This system is not about steps but is about understanding how to gain and communicate clear intention and movement to our partners. This system is about awareness, patience, understanding, and creativity. It encourages abilities to listen, give, and receive. It is about finding your own center, knowing and feeling your self in your own body, understanding and feeling another human being in his body. In the system, improvisation and connection to the music and partner are developed from the very first, very basic sessions - from the very first weight shift.

We encourage everyone, men and women, to lead and to follow. Please, wear comfortable shoes with leather or suede soles. To dance tango, high heels for women are NOT necessary! If it is not comfortable to walk in shoes, it is not going to be comfortable to dance in them.

Please check our links and find out where to get comfortable shoes.